Saturday, June 6, 2015

A great golf match

The biggest event of the last few days has to be the golf match between Craig and I. I started out with 2 double bogeys, then a triple and Craig was ahead by seven strokes and had won all three holes. However, I loosened up and we had a great match, Craig winning the front and the score by one, I winning the back and the match by one. Craig shot a 73 and I—even with a three 6 start—shot an 88. Impressive and a lot of fun. Craig invited me to come to Ireland next July and it is a possibility. I checked out the Freighter Expeditions site and there is a boat from the great lakes to Holland. Today I cut the rest of the grass in the morning, then cut up the drain pipe, fixed a line on the lawn mower, trimmed the grass around the house, did a laundry, yoga and weights and read some more of Ulysses. I also fixed the handle on my hiking stick, ate a good salad from the greenhouse, and practiced my four jazz songs on the piano. Very productive day and then I went into town to ride my bike (just getting in 50 minutes before the rain started) and do some shopping. I am planning to go kayaking on Sunday. I decided not to have the operation on my knee (I am wading the north fork, bike riding once or twice a day, hiking, playing golf). It is not the right moment to get it done. Kelly’s situation is all mixed up. It seems to me she really doesn’t want the house she is buying and I am not sure what she should do. The house does have a few problems (the main one, a lingering smell that the owners are hiding with perfume), but I can tell her heart really isn’t in it. Tough situation. Talked to Gyorgyi and I may see her next week. She is quite busy. Another good day. I brought the trimmer up to the cabin and cleared everything so I can stain it the next sunny day. I also fed the two sickly hollies and trimmed the saplings that were growing out of the hollies. I took a decent hike and trimmed all around the orchard. I practiced my jazz songs on the piano and did my weights and yoga. The house is in pretty good shape. I went in and played golf, shooting a 47 and a 48. I then watched the Belmont and I won but since I bet on 2 horses I just about broke even. It was fun to finally see a Triple Crown winner. Then I rode my bike for 40 minutes and headed into Blacksburg to work at Starbucks, which is open at University Mall until 11:30. Haven’t heard from my friend so I assume we are on for tomorrow’s kayaking .

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