Saturday, June 13, 2015

An unsettling few days

I am having some trouble recovering from the problem at Radford. Rosemary hasn’t been in touch with me so I am assuming things are okay. But perhaps Monday will bring more problems. I just can’t tell and that is upsetting me. I did contact my friend and things are normal there so I am assuming that whatever is going on isn’t too big a problem. I had a nice day so far. I decided to take off after sleeping until 9 (I got in at almost 2 after going to an 11 o’clock showing of Jurassic World. The special effects were quite good but the overall plot was uninspired. Chris Pratt was okay but Bryce Dallas Howard wasn’t very good, although quite lovely. I drove to Craig Creek road and drove that all the way to 311 and then headed to New Castle. I wasn’t sure where to go but I needed a bike ride so I rode out at the high school for 50 minutes, then drove over to Potts Creek where I turned up 18 North and drove for perhaps 15 miles, finally stopping to fish at a bridge with some fine pools below. I caught 4 bass, one about 10 inches and then drove back to New Castle in heavy rain, stopping to do my lumosity stuff at the Subway there. After the rain slowed I drove toward Salem but the clouds were gathering there so I turned down Newport road, wondering how it was going to get to Newport without crossing the Craig Creek road. I kept waiting for Sinking Creek to appear and amazingly it never did but I drove on and on, having no specific idea where I was but knowing I was heading toward the general vicinity of Blacksburg. Finally I saw a sign for Mt. Tabor road and one for the town of Blacksburg and I turned on my gps and found I was five minutes from main street. I got to Tech and was ready to do a second bike ride at 7:55 and rode almost to 8:00. I needed the second ride. Now a visit to Starbucks.

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