Sunday, June 28, 2015


I am sitting in Oscar’s Bar and Grille in dumpy little Limon, Colorado, having just finished some food and iced tea. I ended up playing 14 holes of golf and then I took another long bike ride about 40 miles from Limon, this one for another 50 minutes. I eventually got to Limon in time to watch the end of the Canada / England women’s world’s cup. I was hoping Canada would win but England prevailed 2-1. I am staying at the KOA here, certainly not the best one I have ever seen. A hot shower is a hot shower, however, and it felt quite good. I got a text from Kelly about the open house. There were 3 families that came and they thought the house was a bit overpriced. I think it will probably have to be reduced a bit, but I think that is to be expected. I have set up a kayak trip on the Arkansas with a guide since I couldn’t hook up with a rafting company and I do want to kayak the Arkansas. It is Sunday morning and I am in common grounds, a coffee shop in Denver just off the 16th street mall. I slept fairly well at the KOA in Limon. I did my laundry (so now I am set for 10 days) and got to sleep after midnight. The ride in was easy and I was bike riding along the Platte by 7:30. The river was way up so I couldn’t ride along cherry creek. I rode for almost an hour and I was struck by all the transients along the river, dozens, to be sure. I am going to walk some and maybe see a movie before taking another bike ride.

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