Thursday, June 25, 2015

first two days of the Colorado trip

It is Wednesday evening and I am waiting for my pizza at the Pizza Cottage in Buckeye Lake, Ohio. It has been a decent day, getting off at 5:30 from Catonsville, driving 400 miles, playing 13 holes of golf at the Lakeview Resort in Morgantown, West Virginia, riding my bike for 40 minutes along the Muskingum river—through a virtually deserted Riverside park (with loads of fields and not one being used at 6 pm). I was going to try for the KOA in Dayton but decided instead to stay at the KOA in Buckeye Lake. I signed in and eventually got to ride another 35 minutes mainly in a semi-abandoned shopping plaza after I found the sidewalk in front of the lake houses was not meant for riding and the gravel at the KOA was too bumpy to ride on. I am glad to be out of Catonsville. I did help Kelly and Alfredo but things got tense with Kelly when I told her that she and Alfredo were not landscapers. I was very tired and had to take a lot of rescue inhaler but I shouldn’t have pushed my point with the realtor, who reluctantly agreed with my appraisal. I think the new house is really nice, with lots of space and in a very good neighborhood. I wrote Kelly a long e-mail today and I hope it makes her feel better. Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone up to help but there is no doubt that the pictures of the house wouldn’t have been done on Tuesday. Playing with Lucia was a lot of fun and she seems very comfortable with me at this point. I left the hollow in very good shape with the road graded and the grass cut. It is Thursday morning and things are going well. I have finished 200 miles and it is a little past noon, did my lumosity training, talked to Gyorgyi and wished her a happy birthday, rode my bike for 40 minutes, picked up supplies at Walmart and took a 30 minute walk there because it was raining, and took a nap. I should get to Denver sometime on Sunday and that will avoid traffic. My breathing is back to normal and last night I slept quite well in my truck. I also am glad I am not watching much TV. When I stay in motel rooms I end up surfing too much and staying up too late and I think it affects my ability to sleep.

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