Thursday, June 18, 2015

Waiting to leave for Colorado

It is Thursday and my friend didn’t contact me about kayaking so it may be tomorrow. I am anxious to get going but kayaking Ripplemead to Bluff City will be fun and I haven’t done it in years. I did a few more things around the house, dropping off the gas for the lawn mower (now I have plenty even if I don’t return home). I trimmed a little around the orchard, got the kayak ready, practiced the piano, weights and yoga. Yesterday I cleaned the front of the truck, vacuuming it and washing the other parts along with cleaning the seats. I can be ready to leave in two hours so as soon as I see if the kayak trip is going to come off, I will get ready and go. On Monday I recorded my babysitting essay at RU and that went okay. It is a pretty good essay and I am glad it’s recorded. I had a really fun lunch with Claire Hall yesterday and then a fine dinner with Maddie and Claire. Kelly called yesterday and her schedule as changed a little but she thought I should stick to my original since there will still be plenty to do. The closing is still set up for the 17 of July. I keep spending too much money but at least the big expenses are over. Of course the two trips are going to cost quite a bit but I absolutely need them both. My bike isn’t fixed yet and the loaner is not working so well although I did get a good ride at Radford after my nine holes of golf. I hope my bike will be ready tomorrow. Things at Radford seem to have settled down and I have a terrific schedule for the fall thanks to Rosemary.

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