Tuesday, June 9, 2015

a long, long day

Today was one of the hardest days of my life. Something happened in the morning that brought back all the stuff from my infamous date rape article and the slander that ensued. I was incredibly upset but Rosemary calmed me down and then I went in to talk with her and she was very calm and helpful. She is a great chair. Then I had a nice late lunch with Claire and we chatted for over two hours and that helped a lot. Following that I went over to Bisset to ride my bike and it wouldn’t steer so I ended up riding straight ahead for 12 laps. Somewhat dangerous but I really needed a ride. I then went to my office for a nap and read the five month late response from Dr. Schnecker. It was thoughtful and I responded right away but I still think he owes me an apology. We’ll see. I offered to come back if he apologizes for himself and his staff. I am now watching game 3 of the NBA finals and it is a decent game with the Cavs up by 105. I will be recording my radio essay so that is good news.

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