Sunday, July 3, 2011

My knee continues to be sore from the hike with Tamara and Irv, and Rob thinks I should try some advil to cut the inflammation before I consider another syn-visc shot. I will even though I haven’t taken any pain meds since Kripalu.
Yesterday I did my yoga and weights, practiced, and spent almost two hours greasing the tractor. My grease gun seemed to run out of grease about a third through and when I opened it it looked like there was still at least a quarter left. I figured that I would put a new cartridge in and I called Wimmer to make sure I would be doing it right, since I think the mice ate the grease gun instructions. With that information I put the cartridge in and the gun wouldn’t work so I called Wimmer again and they said that it had air in it and you just had to keep pumping it and it would clear. That wasn’t working but when I took the outlet tube off the tube, grease began to flow and I was able to grease the whole tractor including the one fitting which seemed jammed, but which filled up when I turned the wheels.
With that done I headed off to the Blue Ridge and the Maury and the walk in the pull out at Purgatory Mountain was excellent. I then dropped to the Maury and after wasting forty five minutes trying to find an accessible spot, stopped and fished a nice section but got no fish though I had several hits. I was ready to give up since it was almost 8 but I stopped at the bridge near Glasgow and caught two nice bass in the deep water under the bridge. I got to Carrabba’s just as it got dark and had a very good shrimp dish.
This morning I did some practicing (my jaw was hurting a little), then some yoga and weights. My big project for the morning was to find the deed and the plat and after searching in many places I finally found both so I can mail them to Tamara on Tuesday. On the way out I ate some wineberries and picked a few for Rob.
I then drove in for a walk with Rob and lunch and I hope to fish walker creek this evening near the funeral home.

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