Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A very productive day as I think I have finally got the batteries equalized. I got number one up to 1250, and six seven and eight were all around 1270. I tried to finish the equalization with the solar but it kicked out, telling me that the batteries were fully charged so I turned on the generator and set it very low and finished off the equalization.
I also got word that Tamara and Irv are coming out on the 20th to gps the coneflower and to walk the access. I am pretty sure they wouldn’t be doing that unless things were pretty much set.
I pushed a piece of the tractor barn sheathing out but I was able to fix it easily. I took the tractor out and ran it all the way to the gate to help level out some of the worse bumps and it helped.
In the afternoon I drove out to towards the peaks of otter and did a 2 mile plus walk along the road in the shade. The view was stunning as always. I saw a scarlet tanager there so that was a real treat.
I have e-mailed two women on match and we’ll see what happens.

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