Friday, July 1, 2011

Another change in plans. I am now going back to Whitefish but I won’t leave until the 24th—the big assumption being that the waters will have gone down enough by then—and I will return on the 14th cutting the trip down by a few days. I don’t have a sleeper on the way back to Clifton Forge yet but I am first on the waiting list. I just got too freaked out by the extra 1600 miles I would have had to do if I went to Denver, so things seem settled.
My knee was really hurting this morning but I did cut the grass and I trimmed the road a little. I decided that I had to do weights and yoga and I did and I think it may have helped a little. I did my practicing and I left around 3 to head out to Floyd and then the Blue Ridge Parkway. I couldn’t find a good place to stop and write but I did a little in the Floyd Country Store, not a place to write unless you are desperate. I then drove south on the BR parkway about 20 miles, stopping at the Mabry mill and walking near a stream before heading to Chateau Morissette for dinner. Logan was my server and it was nice to chat with him a little. After an excellent dinner I stopped at one of the overlooks and walked a mile back and forth and really enjoyed the view.
I got e-mails from Tamara and Irv and they are both going to come out again. Tamara warned that the access issue is still key even though Irv did verify the Smooth Coneflower.

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