Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am sitting in Barnes and Noble having my first cup of coffee in over two weeks, and I will have to admit that it is a bit of a disappointment. I decided to have one to celebrate a productive if difficult day, and I don’t think I will have another one soon.
In the morning was the visit to the hollow from Tamara Vance from VOF, Irv from Natural Heritage, and Tamara niece’s Maddie, who was very sweet. We did not find the Addison’s Leatherflower, but we did find Smooth Coneflower and a lily that Irv photographed. My knee hurt but I was able to get Irv and Tamara up to see the big rocks up the side hollow. I am sure my knee will be a problem tonight. Tamara was very nice but she made it clear that even with the Smooth Coneflower, it was the access issue that was the problem. She seemed to think there was a chance and Irv said she is going to argument of inclusion in VOF. I thought Irv was a lot of fun and very smart. We’ll see. We picked some wineberries at the end of the visit and they were very tasty.
After they left, I checked my messages and John called and Amtrak called to tell me that my trip from Chicago to Whitefish had been cancelled because of the flooding in North Dakota. I was exhausted and hungry so after some food and a nap, I drove to the pasture and found out that Gyorgyi couldn’t meet tonight but will meet me for lunch tomorrow. I then called Amtrak and found out that the best I could do was to switch to Denver and change my Hertz reservation. It all worked out but I will have to drive an extra 1600 miles. Fortunately it will be through Colorado and I am pretty sure I will go up the Poudre Canyon and maybe pass through Yellowstone. No loss there.

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