Saturday, June 18, 2011

My last full day at Kripalu was intense. I went to three different sessions (one an Ayurvedic consultation with Lauren, one a sacral cranial session with Sandy, and another long energy work session with Sandra). I learned a lot but I was a little confused since Sandra said she would have evaluated me slightly differently than Lauren. I still think the main things about diet, yoga, spirit are all consistent and will be helpful. I have given up coffee and I am only eating three times a day with no snacks and I feel better already.
On Friday, it was raining so I decided to leave early and after using my petti pot and putting in my nose drops and then showering, I had my final meal at Kripalu and it was excellent. I drove and drove with the weather always threatening but I did get a bike ride in and then I was able to play golf at Monroe Valley near Harrisburg. I started out with a 7, 6, 6 and thought I would be lucky to hit 52 but I birdied the next par 3, and ended up with a 45, which is very impressive.
I talked to Rob and things are not so good so I will see him tomorrow for dinner and we can chat some more.
I made it to Wincester yesterday and got a room at the Sleep Inn there (I was pretty tired and I just wanted to relax, and I should now get a free night. The poem was nice and the room was very comfortable.
I got up pretty early and then started driving. When I got to JMU, I stopped for a 5 mile bike ride and that felt good. Home in a few more hours.

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