Thursday, June 9, 2011

My trip is going very well. On Saturday I played golf at Ingleside and shot a 46, then I stayed in Edinburg, VA at the Creekside Campground and it was very pleasant. I rode my bike around the campground and had dinner at Sal’s Italian Bistro.
Sunday looked like the weather was going to be bad but I got in a fine bike ride along the canal bikeway and I stopped to fish the Potomac twice and caught five fish. By the time I got to Kelly’s at about 3 the weather had cleared and I had a lot of fun playing with Lucia. Kelly, Alfredo, Lucia and I went off to the park by the Patapsco river and had a nice walk followed by a nice Mexican dinner in Ellicott city. I watched the third game of the NBA finals and it was an exciting victory for the Heat.
I drove to Newark airport and since parking lot 6 was closed, I had to drive back to parking lot 3, no mean feat in that mess of roads. I got a quick walk in up to Times Square then headed for Gabes, Francesca and Julian and my visit there went very well. They cooked up dinner and I had fun playing with Julian. On Tuesday I went to visit my aunt Marie and had a great visit with her. She cooked my favorite shrimp dish and then we had a walk through the park and stopped to chat in the cooling breeze on a bench near the water. I got back to Gabes around 6:30 and then along with Jose we all watched the 4th game of the finals. On Wednesday I went to meet Herb at the Popover cafĂ© and we had a long and friendly talk. Then I went off to the Museum of Natural History and went to the frog exhibit, the brain exhibit and then watched Journey to the Stars in the Rose Space Center. All three were very entertaining and the live frogs were quite interesting. Back at Gabes Francesca and her mother cooked dinner and we all had a lot of fun. Francesca’s mother was very nice.
I left around 10 on Thursday morning and got to my truck around 12. The drive up to Monticello was fine but the weather has deteriorated and I wasn’t able to play golf and I may not be able to fish the river this evening.

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