Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today started out as a very good day. I woke up and did my peti pot and tridosha oil, did a meditation, practiced, did yoga and weights, started working on the outline of the 321 course, which already has enough students in it. The solstice was a 1:16 and I was pretty much done with everything by 12:45, and restless man that I am, I decided to try to move the old fan so Dodson could put in the new power vent on Thursday. I should have waited till after the solstice but I didn’t. The work was going okay when I slammed my head into a pipe hanging down and I really hurt myself. I started crying and bewailing my fate, yelling that I can’t do this anymore, that why is this happening, and realizing how much I missed Tracy. It was the first time I really cried about my situation and I just sat there weeping loudly for several minutes. I soon began to realize that I had overdone things a little, and I went back upstairs to wait for the solstice, my tears done and my psyche much calmer. My head has a long bump on it and I hope I don’t have a concussion. After the solstice passed, I went back under and finished up the job, duct taping some cloth to the pipe, and even purging the water filter. I felt much better but was unsure about going kayaking at Bluff City that afternoon, just in case I passed out.
I am still worried a little about the burning smell from my truck but it seems to only come at very high speeds for extended periods. My computer was also acting up so I thought to head to Radford on the highway and see if the smell came back. It didn’t and the computer people thought it might be a sticky key and not the word program.
I then decided to play golf while the weather was okay, and played in very hot conditions and still shot a 50 from the whites and it could easily have been a 48.
I did talk to NOC about hiring a private instructor and it will cost 160 for a half day, which is a lot. I am pretty sure I can paddle for an hour, but any longer will not happen so it will be a lot of money for an hour’s paddling.
I was able to help Claire yesterday at Quest and Cathy was appreciative. I also called Dolores and told her all the info I got from UC Davis, and she was very appreciative. I thanked her for suggesting the movie Bridesmaids, which was quite funny.
Overall a good day with a big lump.

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