Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I had a very good breakfast of oatmeal and yoghurt and then I got ready for the 9 o’clock lecture by Jim Conzo on maintaining a healthy gut. It had a lot of interesting facts, and I hope to employ some of the advice. At 12 I took the yoga dance class and it was pretty intense. I was doing okay early on but later I couldn’t go fast enough to keep up. I did about 40 minutes of a one hour session and I did finish up with everyone else. I took a shower and then headed for my positional therapy session, which was interesting as Sandra manipulated my legs around and my knee didn’t kill me. She did some energy work and thought I had a big blockage in my mid belly, not lower where I have had the most pain recently, and suggested I come back tomorrow to work on it some more. I think it will be worth it so tomorrow I will have an early massage, more energy work, then a sacro-cranial session in the evening.
After the session with Sandra I went back for the gentle yoga session at 4:15 and that was also pretty intense for a beginner. I tried to nap after it but couldn’t sleep so I headed for dinner (again excellent) and then to the Kirtan performance which was mildly disappointing. I then headed for the maze and it was a pleasant walk.

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