Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday went well, with me driving a good part of the day through the incredible scenery of the Canadian Rockies, with a break to play golf at a nine hole executive course that was interesting because it had a lot of trees so it was a strategy course. I played pretty well and shot a 45, even though the greens were very bumpy and brown (because of the excessive ice this winter, I was told). I kept driving and traffic was heavy but I almost made it to Sicamous, eventually stopping at a KOA at a little past nine, totally exhausted again. I wanted to set up my tent but I didn’t and instead I slept in the truck, making the big mistake of shutting all the windows to keep the mosquitoes out. I dropped off at about 10 and at 2 I woke up in absolute fear, sure that my vehicle was rolling down a hill. I jumped in the front seat over the middle one and hit the brake before I realized that I wasn’t moving. My heart was beating at an incredible rate—I was scared I was going to have a heart attack—but finally it started to slow down and I climbed back into the back and got the key, got back up front and finally opened the door and the fresh air was like some elixir. I was so worked up that I had to have half a valium to go back to sleep, and I left both front windows cracked a inch so I wouldn’t die. What a horrid experience and all my own fault.
I felt much better when I awoke on Friday at 6:30, and after a hot shower and a cup of coffee and an egg and cheese bagel at Tim Horton’s I felt pretty good. The scenery was less spectacular, but interesting enough and I stopped at Salmon Arm to play golf. I walked, playing with a threesome who were friendly and I shot pretty well (46) considering I had a set of clubs that had two pitching wedges, two 2 woods, and no sand wedge, no 9, 7, and 6. The square head driver was terrific and all of my drives were pretty far. I drove on toward Hope and got off to take a nap and at the exit was a superb looking river, the Coldwater. I napped and then decided to fish the stream and that was a lot of fun, even though I only caught parr. I then drove to Hope and did my clothes and ate at a horrible Chinese buffet (good rice and noodles) and then drove on to Chilliwack so I wouldn’t have to drive as much tomorrow. I found a campground right near town and setting up the tent was pretty easy, taking perhaps fifteen minutes. I then drove to a Safeway to get some supplies and ended up at a Starbucks, catching up on this blog.
My phone problems continue with no GPS and internet but the phone is working fine so I guess that is okay. I really would like the GPS to work in Vancouver, and I am even considering buying a cheap GPS just for the rest of the trip.

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