Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yesterday I did my usual practicing, yoga and weights and then I changed the oil in the generator. First I had to chase away a small copperhead that seems to have taken up residence there. Not what I want but I just have to be careful.
In the afternoon I drove up to see the Feed American Southwest Virginia and it is quite an operation. Amy was very nice and gave me a fine tour. After I figure out my finances following the easement, I will give them some more money and I talked to Amy about doing some volunteer work when I return in August.
Today I took apart the shed door and I have to replace some of the wood so I will pick up some today and finish the job in the next few days. I did my practicing, yoga and weights, and then headed to NRN to get the mirror replaced. I picked up some wood and some wood hardener at Home Depot. I am going to head up to the Blue Ridge and then maybe fish the Maury in the evening.

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