Sunday, December 4, 2011

A good weekend even if it didn’t go exactly the way I expected. I had wanted Mark Burnette to come out and cut the trees by the orchard and the ones by the satellite dish, and then to clean the gutters, but he was a no show, hanging me up by the gate for a half hour. For some reason he emailed Lou to tell him he wasn’t coming and Lou didn’t get the message for several hours. I stayed calm and decided to cut the trees myself and though I twisted my knee a bit, I got all the trees cut and cleaned the back gutter. I called Mike and he agreed to come over on Sunday to do the front gutter. I was pretty happy with myself being able to do so much and I also saved at least 100 dollars.
On Sunday morning I finished up the last of my papers and then practiced and rode the bike. Mike came a little after twelve and he cleaned out the front gutter in about 20 minutes. I then showed him the will I had set up for him and explained what he needed to do. I also advised him to get a living will and he said he would.
I drove off to play golf (shooting a 48 on the front even though I three putted 3 holes), then I went to Applebee’s and watched Tiger Woods finally win again by a stroke over Zach Johnson. I felt really glad for him. Following that Rob and I took a good walk on the trail .
I am still having stomach problems but my stomach is better today. I hope it settles down soon.

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