Friday, December 2, 2011

I am having some stomach problems right now and they have caused me some rather extreme bathroom problems. I am supposed to go see Jeff and Rachel tonight but I am not sure that will be a good idea.
I heard from Stellar One that they have approved the easement so things should be finished within two weeks, I believe.
I played golf and shot a very nice 46 on the front nine after hitting very poorly on the first three holes (though I scored okay).
My classes are going well and I have ten papers to grade this weekend and that will be the major crunch, not too bad to be sure.
I have been hiking almost every day and that is a great comfort. I don’t know how much time I have left in the hollow so I am doing well to enjoy each hike.
The house is in very good shape, and Mark Burnette is coming tomorrow to clean the gutters and cut some of the smaller trees I can’t reach. It shouldn’t be too hard.
It is unclear what Rob is going to do with Rachel. She is not doing her work in High School and she may not be ready for JMU.
I am very tired but Rob attributes that to my withdrawal from the prednisone. I should recover within two weeks since I will be off the drug on Sunday. I want to have my energy back for the Charleston trip.

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