Monday, December 26, 2011

I had a pleasant Christmas day visiting Rob and his relatives, then taking a nice walk along Tom’s creek. Later I drove toward Roanoke and stopped to ride my bike in the Food Lion parking lot. After a solid ride I drove on to visit Jeff and Rachel and had a tasty meal there and played a lot with Benjamin. I left about five, drove home for a nap and then went back to work on my article about the easement.
On Monday I did a few things around the house and after setting up and appointment with Diane Green, I had to drive to Radford to get some of the materials she needed. I am not exactly sure how my taxes will be affected but I know I will get about 46K in tax credits and I will probably have to sell some of them before I retire. Diane is going to charge about 500 and that is perfectly fine. I will also have her do my taxes next year.
I dropped my bike off at Dick’s to have the back wheel fixed and the entire bike serviced. It should be done next week.
I don’t feel any better or any worse so I am not sure what the test on the 11th is going to find out.

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