Saturday, December 10, 2011

A good weekend even if it didn’t go exactly the way I expected. I had wanted Mark Burnette to come out and cut the trees by the orchard and the ones by the satellite dish, and then to clean the gutters, but he was a no show, hanging me up by the gate for a half hour. For some reason he emailed Lou to tell him he wasn’t coming and Lou didn’t get the message for several hours. I stayed calm and decided to cut the trees myself and though I twisted my knee a bit, I got all the trees cut and cleaned the back gutter. I called Mike and he agreed to come over on Sunday to do the front gutter. I was pretty happy with myself being able to do so much and I also saved at least 100 dollars.
On Sunday morning I finished up the last of my papers and then practiced and rode the bike. Mike came a little after twelve and he cleaned out the front gutter in about 20 minutes. I then showed him the will I had set up for him and explained what he needed to do. I also advised him to get a living will and he said he would.
I drove off to play golf (shooting a 48 on the front even though I three putted 3 holes), then I went to Applebee’s and watched Tiger Woods finally win again by a stroke over Zach Johnson. I felt really glad for him. Following that Rob and I took a good walk on the trail .
I am still having stomach problems but my stomach is better today. I hope it settles down soon.

I finally got the approval letter from Stellar One yesterday. It was only about 10 days late (Jessica Miller had told me the week before that the easement had been approved). I was getting pretty upset but there wasn’t much I could do except call Sanda Chaffin a few times and hope something would happen. I am leaving for my trip on Wednesday so there is no chance I will be able to meet with the CPA until after I return around the 24th. That means that I will not have the tax credits for this March. It shouldn’t make that much of a difference but I would have liked the chance to use the credits in March.
I charged the batteries all day and I want them pretty full before I leave so they won’t run down in case we get some cloudy weather. I also ran the farm tractor for an hour, getting the leaves off the road and evening out all the ruts from the big rain last week. I also dug out the big culvert which was covered with leaves but didn’t wash across the road. I also trimmed around the house with the shears, and got in a nice hike up to the orchard.
I went to see Dr. McCoy on Wednesday and he, thankfully, didn’t think I needed the bone marrow biopsy, at least right now. He said that if my white cells and platelets were down, he would have sent me for one, but since it is only my red cells, he wanted to wait. He did want me to go on the Prilosec since the endoscopy did show some irritation and there might be some microscopic bleeding which could explain my condition. He also put me on an iron supplement (hemaplex) and told me he wanted to check my blood in six weeks so I am free from any tests for six weeks. Rob wasn’t sure of McCoy’s diagnosis but he thought it wouldn’t hurt to wait the six weeks. He thinks I have some sort of inflammation that may be causing the bone marrow to not make red blood cells.
I picked up my citrus last night and I have eaten about 8 oranges in two days. I hope the acid doesn’t hurt my stomach.
I saw Jim Gray for the first time in a while and we had a good chat. I think he is going to quit Kronos in January and start his own business. I think he will do well.
I have two finals to give on Tuesday and then a difficult semester will be done. I have really had to fight the tiredness all semester.
My proposal on Burroughs and Muir was accepted at the CEA conference in March in Richmond, so now I will have to write it. I also have to write the fishing for people with disabilities article but Bill Rudge is not being helpful. I will have to press him on Monday.

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