Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I have talked to someone at DEC public relations and I hope they will get me some solid info.
My two finals were done today and I will be off to Charleston tomorrow. I went home after playing nine holes (46) and got some stuff ready and it shouldn’t take long to pack the truck in the morning.
I had an uncomfortable incident with a student in my office. She wanted me to accept her late journal and I wouldn’t but she kept on about it even though I was giving another student the final. Later she e-mailed me a reasonable apology.
My tiredness continues and I think I am pretty much over the prednisone withdrawal. I guess it is my low blood. I hope the iron supplement helps a bit.
I made my Amtrak reservations for my month long trip in mid-July. I will be staying over a night in Chicago on the way out to Denver and I will be at Canyon in Yellowstone for three nights. It should be a fun trip.

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