Friday, December 23, 2011

It is the evening of my second day at Wild Dunes and it has been very relaxing and productive. I have worked on my Muir / Burroughs paper and I finally got a lot of information from the DEC. I should be able to work on the DEC article tomorrow and I have till January 3 to finish it.
Yesterday I rode my bike around wild dunes, went and played 18 holes of golf (just making it before dark) and shooting a 96. I took a quick walk on the beach and then had dinner at the restaurant in the Boardwalk Inn. Later I had dessert and started writing. I was exhausted and my feet ached but it was a great day.
Today I wrote in the morning and finished grading my exams, had a nice lunch, rode my bike, walked on the beach, napped, walked on the beach again, had a great dinner at the Boardwalk (crab crusted grouper), walked to sit by the beach, went to the weight room, and had dessert and coffee and worked on the Muir paper. It is nice to be able to write some and to not be bothered with medical tests and bothersome questions.

Saturday was another productive day, with writing in the morning and 18 holes of golf on the Links Course, which I had never played. It was more expensive than the Harbor Course, but I have to admit that the back nine was very impressive although not as stunning as Banff or Jasper. I played very well and ended up shooting a 93, which for me was rather an accomplishment. That night I had a gout attack in my right ankle (all of the rich food I had been eating surely contributed) and I had to take some ibuprophen to reduce the pain. I didn’t want to go back on the prednisone so I had a fairly rough night.
On Sunday, my ankle was a little better so after my writing I went for a walk on the beach and began to get ready for my Charleston visit. I planned to see Kelly’s half brother Patrick perform at High Cotton at six, but I wanted to walk around a bit and see the overhyped game between Denver and New England so I got into town around two. The game was a blowout by New England. Patrick has charisma and intensity, although his guitar solos are rather mundane and his singing rather scratchy.
Monday found me driving over to my Aunt Theresa’s house and dinner with her and Joyce and Marv. Marv had a great story of bringing a sailboat from Trinidad to Florida and I encouraged him to write about it.
On Tuesday I played golf with Marv and I shot a 44 on the front nine from the forward tees. On the back nine I shot from the gold tees and shot a 58. I was tired and it was a very hard course but I enjoyed myself.
After two more relaxed days (I saw three movies, Sherlock Holmes, Mission Impossible, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the last the best of three good movies), I finally got word on Thursday afternoon that the easement was done, that the new deed had been recorded. I went to a mediocre sushi place to celebrate not knowing that there was a PF Chang’s a couple blocks away.
I got up early on Friday and stopped at a state park near Columbia to ride my bike and then, after a late lunch at PF Chang’s, played golf at an odd little course near Mt. Airy. I got to my office just before dark and finished one outline and three rules and copied them all. Then a took a nice walk around the deserted campus.

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