Friday, December 16, 2011

It is the evening of my second day at Wild Dunes and it has been very relaxing and productive. I have worked on my Muir / Burroughs paper and I finally got a lot of information from the DEC. I should be able to work on the DEC article tomorrow and I have till January 3 to finish it.
Yesterday I rode my bike around wild dunes, went and played 18 holes of golf (just making it before dark) and shooting a 96. I took a quick walk on the beach and then had dinner at the restaurant in the Boardwalk Inn. Later I had dessert and started writing. I was exhausted and my feet ached but it was a great day.
Today I wrote in the morning and finished grading my exams, had a nice lunch, rode my bike, walked on the beach, napped, walked on the beach again, had a great dinner at the Boardwalk (crab crusted grouper), walked to sit by the beach, went to the weight room, and had dessert and coffee and worked on the Muir paper. It is nice to be able to write some and to not be bothered with medical tests and bothersome questions.

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