Saturday, December 31, 2016

A pretty down New Year's eve

It is new year’s eve, an evening I don’t usually celebrate and this year’s event seems even less of a positive experience. I am in Meridian, Mississippi at an O’Charleys just about to eat. I am on my way home (I should be there on Monday and then Tuesday I go for the Renal biopsy. Dr. Pant decided that I had better head home immediately so I had to skip Big Bend, which was a great disappointment but Pant’s talk of dialysis and quick kidney failure certainly worked. I had a tough time getting to the Microtel (which I switched to since they had an exercise room) and narrowly missed a couple of accidents. I had been talking to Dave (and he was very positive about things) and I got off without knowing where to go and that was dangerous. When I got to the Microtel, I did work out on the stationary bike for 40 minutes and then watched the second half of the Washington /Alabama game, which Alabama won pretty easily. I then napped and did my exercises and watched the first half of the Clemson / Ohio State game, with Clemson dominating 17-0. I am kind of down but fortunately I only have about 630 miles to get home and though tomorrow will have more rain, I only have to drive a little over 300 miles. I am very lonely and I certainly am wondering about my choice not to be in a relationship. It would be nice to have someone to be with tonight.

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