Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Good, good news

I wasn’t looking forward to heading home last night but when I finally got home I was okay, watching TV and ending up in bed at 12. Amazingly, I slept right through to 7:30 and then I started my exercises. I looked at my phone and I saw that Rob had called so I drove down to the pasture and got really good news. Rob had talked to McCoy and he didn’t think I had multiple myeloma, and what a change occurred. I called Cathy, emailed my kayak friend, texted Claire, and spoke to Gyorgyi. Then I went home and did more exercises and when it had warmed up a bit I went for a long hike, pushing up to the orchard twice, and napping hard when I returned. Then I did some practicing, washed the dishes, did my weights and yoga and finally headed out at almost 7 for a really good lobster dinner. Then I headed for Macado’s in Bburg for a dish of ice cream, my Lumosity training, my 310 outline and rules and then my blog. My kayak friend is taking me out to dinner on Friday and tomorrow I take Maddie and Claire out to dinner and a movie and my mood for that should be great. I still have to see a kidney doctor tomorrow (my functions are a little off) and Rob put me on 50mg more of synthroid and wants to work on getting my bp lower. He hopes both things will help my anemia. A very good day.

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