Thursday, December 22, 2016

More bad news

One good day and things have soured. On Wednesday I went to the Kidney Doctor and it didn’t go too bad. She as concerned but not too much after she finished a thorough review of my medical information. She did take a urine sample and told me she would have the results the next day. I felt pretty good and then took Maddie and Claire out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom and then to Moana. Dinner was very good and the movie was very decent. Maddie tried to teach Claire and I how to whistle and neither of us could but we got a good laugh out of our attempts. I slept pretty well, getting up at 5:30 and doing some exercising and a wash. I took a walk to the orchard and then took a nap on my return. When I woke up I finished all my exercises, my weights and yoga and 20 minutes of stationary bike. I then headed out to meet Claire Hall for lunch and just before I got there I checked my voicemail and I had a message from the kidney doctor to call her and when I got her she told me that the urine sample had a lot of protein in it and that is bad. She told me to get my bloodwork and an ultrasound done tomorrow and that I would need a CT scan and a renal biopsy when I returned from my trip on the 9th. I got pretty upset and she mentioned that I might require chemotherapy (a milder form than cancer) and perhaps dialysis and that just freaked me. She did say it might not be too bad but she needed more info to really give me an opinion. My lunch with Claire was okay but I was not happy and after it I went to my office to take care of the TIAA beneficiaries, which I did. Then I decided to go play nine holes of golf and I shot a 48 from the forward tees, and playing was pretty distracting. Then I went back to my office to do some work and I talked with Cathy, Kelly, and Gyorgyi. I then did some errands and ended up at Our Daily Bread for a delicious duck dinner.

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