Sunday, December 11, 2016

weekend in Charlotte and Columbia

This will be a pretty big catch up entry. It is Sunday night and Cathy is continuing to recover although she has some pain when she is swallowing food. I just got back from a three day trip to Charlotte and Columbia and it went very well overall. The start was shaky as my phone broke on Thursday evening and I had to buy a temporary one at Cellular Sales until my replacement phone comes on Monday. That should only cost me about 35 dollars. On Friday I played golf at Birkdale on the way down, shooting a 51 and then rode my bike outside the hotel. I ate at P.F. Chang’s and that was first rate. On Saturday because Monday wasn’t looking good weather wise, I decided to head to Columbia and hike at the Congaree National Park and that hike, over three miles was lovely. I ate in town at Old Chicago Pizza and then rode my bike on the USC campus because the river trail was closed. I walked in downtown Charlotte in the evening and had dinner at a sushi place that got a 4.4 rating but turned out not to be anything special. On Sunday I drove to Mallard Creek and the construction is done so I went along the old trail and then over to the UNCC campus. I also played golf at Cedarbrook and shot a 49/49 and the real 49 was a great ending. I needed to shoot a 4 on the par three eighth and hit my drive right to the top left fringe of the green. It was a very tricky downhill curving putt and I hit it just a little too hard and it rolled and rolled almost thirty feet from the hole and that left me another tricky putt curving and uphill, and I three putted from there for a 5. Now my only chance was a par on the difficult ninth, and after a fine drive, I hit my hybrid just off the green on my second shot. I needed a sensational third shot and it was okay, about 12 feet from the hole. It was a curving putt but I sunk it for an exciting 49. Then I drove to my office to do some work, my lumosity and my blog.

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