Monday, December 19, 2016

Multiple Myeloma is a possibility

A hard day and still not over. I slept until 5:30, then went back to sleep until 8. I did my knee exercises, then went for a walk up to the orchard. After a bit of lunch and a nap, I did some straightening up in the house, weights and yoga, and a 40 minute bike ride. I went down to the pasture to call Cathy, email my kayak friend, and check out some info on the Mayo Clinic site about multiple myeloma. It is treatable but not curable and there are a number of treatments. The darkest news was the median life expectancy for stage one (62 months), stage two (44 months), and stage three (29 months). If I have it I guess I won’t have to worry about nursing homes. I called McCoy’s office to get some more info and to see if I shouldn’t take my trip right now. His nurse called left a message and I hope to talk to her tomorrow. I talked to Rob for a few minutes and he can’t really say anything until he gets the results. He did mention that I might need a bone marrow test, and I could take a lot of valium and pain killers but it sounded awful. I went to see Rogue One and it was very good, but after it I was very down and though I watched Duke handle Tennessee State, my heart wasn’t into it. A very tough evening.

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