Wednesday, December 7, 2016

one more day of classes

Wednesday went pretty well. I was up part of the night and finally got to work at 8. I did some exercises, got rid of the compost, straightened out the truck (after the tire change yesterday), replaced the trap in the kitchen, did some piano work and washed the dishes. Maddie asked me to come earlier and that was no problem. We had a good chat and I may not have to take her next Wednesday. I went to play golf after dropping Maddie off and I shot well, a 45 from the reds. I emailed my kayak friend and I’m hoping to be able to do something with her over the break. I did find out that I will only be teaching 3 courses in the spring, which is great news. I am still very tired but it doesn’t seem to be getting much worse. Cathy is home and recovering slowly.

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