Friday, December 16, 2016

Cancer Scare

Not a good two days and tonight I was so desperate just to talk to someone that I drove to Macado’s in Blacksburg just to be able to chat with Jake the bartender about sports. Pretty desperate. I guess I’ll back to last night when Rob called me at dinner and after going over some of the blood test results, gave me his opinion, backed by my oncologist’s partner, that there it is likely that I have a type of treatable bone marrow cancer. As I type this my hands are shaking. I almost called Claire Hall up to see if I could join her and Luke for dinner but Luke has been away for a week so I doubt either of them wanted a dinner guest. I think I may call Kelly to see if I can come for a visit after the holidays. I spoke to her this morning and she was very supportive. I also spoke to Lucia this evening, wishing her a happy birthday and she was sweet on her eighth birthday. Last night after Rob’s distressing call I called Cathy and I was very upset and she was very calming. I decided to go home since I hadn’t done any of my exercises (I left at 7 am because I had a test to give at 12:30 and I wanted to get out early in case a tree had fallen and I would have had to cut it). I did almost a full set and that relaxed me some and when I finally went to bed around 12, I actually slept till almost 5 and then went back to sleep until 8. I called Gyorgyi after I spoke with Kelly and she was also very supportive. I went back to the house and did all my exercises, yoga and weights and then headed for lunch with Claire Hall. She was very kind and after we talked about my health, she updated me on the house search. My big point is that if she finds a house that both she and Luke really like, it will be worth going into a little more debt to purchase it. She wants to pay off the house in ten years but if she buys a house that she is uncomfortable with after a few years (especially if she has two children, as planned) then she will have to move another time which is costly and very frustrating. Anyway she was very calming and I went back to my office for a long nap and then some grading, then a couple of walks on the 4th floor, then a frustrating phone appointment with the Tile people (who treated me like an idiot), then a ride to Blacksburg for dinner. I did get to chat with Jake and that helped, but I have chosen to lived an isolated life and on a night like tonight being surrounded my friends wouldn’t be a bad place to be.

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