Tuesday, December 27, 2016

feeling pretty down

It is the day after Christmas and I am watching the Dallas Cowboys play the Detroit Lions at a Chili’s in Weatherford, TX. I got a very nice bike ride in at Weatherford College, then a nap, and then most of my workout. My plan to see Dave in Arizona fell apart because Dave had already committed to driving his wife to an eye doctor on the day we were going to get together. Too bad but it will save me a lot of driving and some money. I was hoping to head straight to Big Bend, but everything is sold out so I will have to stick with my reservation for the 30th, 31th and the 1st. I can drive tomorrow to Carlsbad Caverns and do a self guided walk on the 28 but I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow. I feel a bit down that I won’t be seeing Dave and also annoyed that I can’t head straight to Big Bend. Anyway, I will get home in plenty of time for my renal biopsy on the 10th, and still have a week to get everything ready for classes. The trip out was okay, a lot of driving and good exercising and biking but the main goal was Big Bend. I don’t plan to camp out much if at all but I have enough money to stay in motels (I have been staying in Comfort Inns and they have been nice and the Quality I am staying in tonight is a little run down). Knowing myself as I do, I realize I will feel much better in the morning. I could also drive to San Antonio but I may wait for the trip back. The extra synthroid is definitely kicking in and I am less tired. I think I will be able to handle the three courses. I am in Monahans, TX staying at a nice comfort inn after a decent day of golf and two long bike rides (even though the high schools I rode at were in pretty poor neighborhoods. I guess I am depressed even though I have a decent plan for the next two days before I get to Big Bend. I am going to Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Carlsbad Caverns tomorrow and then I will drive some of the scenic roads on the way to Big Bend and I will visit Marfa and Alpine. I think my long driving trips are over. I thought this out earlier and figured I would stay within 800 miles of Ironto and that plan sounds better than ever. I am pretty tired (even with the higher synthroid) and I really want to get home as quick as possible after Big Bend. The weather has been very good and I have done a lot of biking and golf but I am not enjoying this trip that much.

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