Saturday, May 27, 2017

A good Saturday where I will attend Mass

Thursday after my second chemo was not too bad. I got up early and drove to the orchard to do some trimming (the ruts are pretty wet so I am not sure I will be able to get the lawn tractor through) and then I ran the lawn tractor for 20 minutes and cut about half the orchard. I then drove back and took out the chainsaw and cut the saplings that were next to the greenhouse. I was able to do my knee exercises and then was went into town and played 9 holes of golf and found out from Joe that yes indeed I was still a member and that I had 9 rounds left, which was a pleasant surprise. I ended up heading home in time for my porch prayers and songs and trying out the meditation Claire Hall wrote out for me. I think it helped. I did my biking at home along with my weights and yoga. Friday was a more interesting day in that I did my knee exercises and then decided to head into town to ride my bike. I ended up parking by the duck pond and I rode on the long straight road toward Smithfield 4 times and then drove over along the golf course to where the frats are. I then went up a slight incline a number of times and that got my breathing going a bit. After that I decided to drive home and on the way I called Mike Young, who had checked in earlier to see how I was doing, and I told him about the rut situation and said he would take a look on Monday. Then Dougie called and we had a nice conversation and there is still a possibility he may purchase the hollow but that would be at a lower price than the contract I have but I may have to do it. I got home and did my prayers and songs and then practiced my piano, exchanging one of the easier songs for a harder one. I did my weights and yoga and that felt good. Saturday started out very well and I wonder if it was because the only thing I took was synthroid before my hike to the first stump at about 8. I had to push a little to get going but not as bad as some days when it is so hard to get moving. I walked straight to the first stump, rested a few minutes, had some water and then I walked all the way back to the house without one stop (usually I have to stop and lean on my walking stick at least three or four times and my breathing is somewhat labored so that was very comforting. I hope it means that I am getting a little better and not just that I avoided the effect of the morning drugs. After the hike, I was able to do the complete set of knee exercises (I had thought after the morning walk I would need a nap) and I then I did nap until almost 11. My plan was to play golf and then go biking after but when I looked at the weather I saw that thunderstorms were coming in a 4 so I shaved and showed pretty quickly and got out to the course by 1 and played 18 half holes ending up 2 over bogey golf. Not my best day but the course was pretty wide open and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I then headed to Radford for a very quick nap in my truck and then up to my office for a blog catchup. In a few minutes I will head to 5 o’clock mass at St. Mary’s.

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