Monday, May 22, 2017

the hollow sale is moving along

Saturday was an okay day as I got a bike ride on the Huckleberry for 25 minutes, then headed over to Dr. Pouvey’s office to have my eyes examined. When he found out I had Lupus and that I was on a lot of prednisone, he told me that it wouldn’t make any sense to get new glasses now since my eyesight would change once I got off the prednisone. He told me to come back in August and he told his son Ben (Raechel’s old boyfriend), not to charge me, which was very nice. I took a nap on the way to St. Mary’s and then got there early and a couple of women explained how the book for the mass works and that make things a lot easier to follow. I also spoke to Mary of the Holy Spirit group and she invited me to come to their Monday meetings at 7 and I said I would try. I also bought a small crucifix to put around my neck and that seemed a good thing to do. Then I had a good Mass and communion and knew where I was most of the time and sang several of the songs. Then a quick stop at Kroger’s and home for the night, first doing my six piano songs and then my porch time with Jesus and singing my holy songs. I have been eating fresh salad from the greenhouse almost every day and the peas have been coming in for a few weeks so I am eating a few of those each day. Sunday started out okay as I fixed the road to the orchard, having dug it out with the tractor to get rid of the bad ruts which almost trapped my lawn tractor and then today putting down a load of 357 to stabilize it. The day turned a bit when I got a message from Darbi that the termite / septic / spring testing guy is coming tomorrow at 8:30 and that the home inspection is going to be on Tuesday at 9 and that Laura will be there. This panicked me even thought I know it has to happen and I can only hope for the best. I decided to head out because staying at home didn’t seem much of an option so I headed to the pasture and briefly talked with Darbi and she seemed to think to everything was going well and that Laura preferred to stay in the cabin until I leave on the 11th. That will certainly make things easier for me. I dropped off my recycling and decided to see if I could play a few holes of golf so I headed to the Meadows and ended up playing 18 short holes, then finding out from Randy that I am not considered a non member and that was a surprise and may cost me 600 dollars. I decided to take 2.5 mg of Valium and then I drove to McDonald’s, had a Southwest salad, and took a needed nap. I was thinking of going to Tech to ride my bike, but instead I drove home to watch the end of the golf tournament and get another quick nap. I am very anxious and still very scary this deal is going to fall apart or cost me many thousands of dollars to make it work. I am glad I did my blog since I do still think writing is therapeutic. Monday has worked out pretty well. Darbi and the Brad from all pest came out at about 9 and Brad passed the termite inspection (although I may have to spend 250 for spraying for the carpenter bees). He checked the cistern and may have to shock it once he gets the test results back but that should be minor. I assume he passed the septic also. Tomorrow is the home inspection and I don’t see any big problems with that. Darbi said Laura would like to close as soon as possible and that is fine with me. One big stress off my back. I took a brief nap after they left and then headed in for my bloodwork. I stopped for a Southwest salad at Mc Donald’s and then drove to the hospital. They were pretty quick and the woman did a good job and it didn’t hurt much. Then it was off to my office to lie down for a few minutes so I would be rested for my dinner with my kayak friend. I confirmed that my second chemo is on Wednesday and I will be glad when that is over.

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