Friday, May 5, 2017

status quo

On Thursday I was pretty tired but I did my knee exercises, and then drove in the get my blood work done so I could get the anemia shot on Tuesday. Valarie was very good and we had a nice chat about her family. I then talked to Rob about my thumbnail falling off and he just said to keep it exposed to the air. The worse news was that despise him telling me that there was a good chance that I would feel better after two weeks following the treatment, that he thought I would really see results after the third treatment, which would be late June. After that news I headed to meet Darbi and even though I went to the bathroom before she got there, I had a really bad accident by the time I got to the bathroom a second time and what a mess and cleanup I had. I almost started crying. I wonder if the valium caused it that I took for the blood test. I signed the contract, got a turkey sandwich at Arby’s and drove straight home to take care of things instead of going to Walmart for supplies. On Friday Darbi was scheduled to come out to visit with David and Laura and didn’t get there till almost 1:30. We chatted briefly and they still seem to really want the hollow at the reduced price and the concessions I made. We are planning to meet with the Sissons on Wednesday and if they allow David and Laura to use their road for a year, the deal will probably go through. They really would be a perfect couple for the hollow. I did my knee exercises and 20 minutes of biking. Then I drove into Cburg and since my stomach feel okay I decided to get a salad and soup at Panera before heading to Walmart. Hope this works after yesterday’s accident.

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