Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trying to Take care of Things

Wednesday turned out to be an okay day. I had decided that I really needed a break from staying home so I got ready to head out for a trip, putting my bike back on my truck. I drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway near milepost 100 (incredible views and one of my favorite biking spots) and I was able to ride for 30 minutes. My neck felt a bit strained but it was nice to be able to get to the Parkway and then to ride my bike again. After that I took a nap and then I was going to try to play golf at Olde Monterey but the fellow there said it was getting crowded so I called the Meadows and they have the Moose Lodge people there so I headed out to Auburn Hills and played 6 holes before I got tired and needed to rest in my truck for a few minutes, then I played 6 more after my break. I used my hybrid and my 5 iron and I played better than last time. I started most holes at the 125 mark and that made it much more comfortable. I did a couple from 200 and I ended with with some 4s, 5s, and 6s. I drove home after stopping at Kroger and then was able to do my porch prayers and my singing before watching the Cavs crush the Celtics. Thursday turned out to be a go into town day because I decided I really needed to get a new phone (especially since it wasn’t going to cost as much as I thought). I got to Cellular Sales before lunch and Neal, the salesman, was very good, setting up the phone, my music, my contacts, my internet, and synching the phone with my truck. It ended up costing me 300 dollars but I think I really needed to have a completely working phone. I drove to RU and the fellow there set up my email and also my google maps. I then took a brief nap in my office, and then emailed my kayak friend about dinner on Monday and I took care of a few office things and my blog. I also set up an appointment with Dr. Pouvey on Saturday at one to get my eyes checked out and that way I can go to the 5 pm Mass. I also had a nice chant with Holly about the spiritual stuff and she was very comforting. She is a good woman. I also talked to Rob and he didn’t think the stuff David was mentioning would help much but he said it was okay to take some B-12.

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