Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Second treatment 2/3s Done

Tuesday was very stressful with the home inspector coming out with Darbi at 9:30 and then Laura showing up around 10 with her contractor friend Matt who is going to try to figure building the bridge. He seemed nice enough but seemed to hint that the bridge might be harder and more costly to construct, which was unnerving to me. I answered lots of questions and I just hope it passes the inspection (supposedly I will only have to pay an extra thousand so that I could afford). David sent up some herbal aids for my lupus but I want to talk to Trivedi before I take any. After they left I took a long nap and since it was rainy I decided to stay at home. I did drive down to the pasture and changed my reservation at Hethwood to 2 bedroom apartment so thes second bedroom will serve as a study and for more storage since the 1 bedroom has almost no closet space and I measured out my rooms against the 1 bedroom and it will be very tight to fit much in that apartment. It will cost an extra 110 a month and if it is a real disaster I can always move to a smaller, cheaper place. Then I called Darbi about the change in date (august 15 instead of 11) and she told me that unless the railroad fairly quickly agrees to fix the right of way, then Laura’s mother will not put up the money for the hollow. Talk about unsettling. I went back to the house in a pretty good panic and took 2.5 mg of valium to calm a bit and I think it helped. I did my biking but no weights or yoga and then did my talking to jesus and my singing, watched the Cavaliers come back and beat the Celtics, so they are now up 3-1. I went to bed around 11:20. I slept poorly (as expected) and finally got up around 5:20, and struggled to get going, having a cup of tea and showering and dressing. I felt wobbly even though I had only take my synthroid, but I eventually go going around 6:30 and after checking in with the hospital took the rest of my morning meds with a couple of breakfast burritos and a couple of sips of coffee. I got to the ER around 7:30, took my valium and then went in to register. They took me to my room rather quickly and my main nurse Sandra got the IV in with a little work. She made sure she had a good vein and she got the IV in the first time, always a plus. She has treated me very well. Claire Hall came to visit me at 1 and stayed almost to 3 so that really helped. We talked about my problems with my health, selling the hollow, moving and she was very comforting. She gave me a calming meditation to practice and I tried it out after she left and it seemed to go very well. The test will be when I get anxious at home. I hope it will relieve some of the anxiety just so I can get through each day. It is a little after 4 so I have been here 8 hours and I know I have to stay at least 4 more before they can give me the final IV dose. That means I should be home by 9:30, no great problem.

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