Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dinner with Gyorgyi

Sunday I drove out to White Gate and caught a nice bass. I then drove around and ended right back at the White Gate bridge and caught a big Bluegill. I then decided to check out Wolfe Creek and drove out the Wilderness road all the way to 77 but Wolfe was too high to fish so that was a mistake. I did get a nice 35 minute bike ride at VT. Monday night I attended the Holy Spirit Group at Saint Mary’s. It took place at 7 and there was a racial mixture, and they sang a number of songs from a spiritual songbook. Several people spoke up about their illnesses or the illnesses of friends and I was perfectly quiet, since I was there just to feel things out. A young woman, Jen Jordan, prayed for me after things finished, and offered to go over some of the Bible with her, a very kind offer since I am not getting that much of it. We ended around 9 so I went over to China Inn to have a restaurant meal for a change. I had done my knee exercises earlier and played 10 holes of golf but when I got home I was too tired to do my biking. Tuesday may have been the worst day of my recovery. The problem is with the railroad and after I met the surveyors while I was going to make a few phone calls, I really panicked. They said that the railroad is very hard to work with and that the railroad is trying to get rid of my type of crossing. I took 2.5 of valium then called Darbi and she wasn’t very comforting, saying that the railroad wants proof that my only way into my property is through the easement and they would much prefer a deeded right of way where I owned the property. Terrible thought filled me of the deal falling through, and of the Sissons also not wanting to buy it and I have no idea what I would do. A total financial nightmare if I wouldn’t be able to eventually sell the hollow for at least 150K. I just may have to stay in the hollow for a long time (interesting, since my original goal before I got sick was to try to stay till I was 70). I decided to drive out to White Gate and fish, really just to kill some time and I ended up taking another 2.5 of the Valium because I was so upset. This stress can’t be helping my recovery. I did set up my next appointment with Dr. Trivedi and she should set up my next chemo. I also got a call from Rob for a walk and that helped. He is doing really well and is getting married in a couple of weeks to Becky in a family wedding up in Shenadoah. He thought my health was doing pretty well (we walked about halfway up the Tom’s Creek Trail, and that my financial situation was going to work out better than expected. Wednesday started pretty well, as I got out of bed around 7:30 and took the tractor down to the orchard road and was able to use the scraper blade to even out enough of the still somewhat muddy road to get the lawn tractor up to the house and cut the grass by the house and the cabin. I called Mike and Andy to update them so there is no big rush for either of them to fix it immediately. I came home and did my knee exercises, then, because I couldn’t nap, I went out and greased the tractor, which was something that needed to be done. I thought of cutting some of the trees blocking my gravel piles but that will probably wait till tomorrow. After washing the dishes, and then finally being able to take a nap, I got up and played some piano, showered and shaved for tonight’s dinner with Gyorgyi, and then headed out, indecisive as exactly what to do (my calf is still troubling me a bit so I was thinking I should ride in the Perry Street garage, which is perfectly flat) but then I decided that since I had time I would have my bloodwork done, and Valarie was going to be in until 4:30 I ran over to Walmart to get my medication, then headed to Rob’s for bloodwork. Valarie was terrific as usual and we chatted some after. Gyorgyi postponed our dinner until 5:30 so I really had time to take a quick ride nearby but the weather looked somewhat threatening so I decided to finish up my blog at Our Daily Bread and post that.

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