Thursday, May 11, 2017

Made a Reservation at Hethwood

On Thursday I was pretty tired but I did my knee exercises, and then drove in the get my blood work done so I could get the anemia shot on Tuesday. Valarie was very good and we had a nice chat about her family. I then talked to Rob about my thumbnail falling off and he just said to keep it exposed to the air. The worse news was that despise him telling me that there was a good chance that I would feel better after two weeks following the treatment, that he thought I would really see results after the third treatment, which would be late June. After that news I headed to meet Darbi and even though I went to the bathroom before she got there, I had a really bad accident by the time I got to the bathroom a second time and what a mess and cleanup I had. I almost started crying. I wonder if the valium caused it that I took for the blood test. I signed the contract, got a turkey sandwich at Arby’s and drove straight home to take care of things instead of going to Walmart for supplies. On Friday Darbi was scheduled to come out to visit with David and Laura and didn’t get there till almost 1:30. We chatted briefly and they still seem to really want the hollow at the reduced price and the concessions I made. We are planning to meet with the Sissons on Wednesday and if they allow David and Laura to use their road for a year, the deal will probably go through. They really would be a perfect couple for the hollow. I did my knee exercises and 20 minutes of biking. Then I drove into Cburg and since my stomach feel okay I decided to get a salad and soup at Panera before heading to Walmart. Hope this works after yesterday’s accident. Saturday I decided to stay at home and eventually watch the Kentucky Derby (both my horses lost) and I did my exercising and a walk, along with weights and yoga. But at about 8 my GI system exploded again and for two hours I couldn’t stop. It was awful. When it finally stopped, I was exhausted but at least I could rest a little. On Sunday morning I checked my Saturday messages and Rob wanted me to call and he wanted me to go to the ER, and that was a big struggle but I got there with my stuff in case they wanted me to stay but after sticking doing bloodwork and sticking me with an IV and hydrating me, they released me around 2 and I went home. Chris and Danny did a great job cutting the grass and trimming the orchard road. I was too tired to do any exercises but I did watch the Cavaliers sweep the Raptors. Monday I felt a bit stronger and I did my knee exercises and 25 minutes of stationary biking. I drove to see Rob and he thought I either had a virus or it was the effects of the Cytoxan but thought the main hit was over. I then had my tire replaced at Toyota. Tuesday was hard to get up but I finally did, doing most of my leg exercises and then 25 minutes of biking before getting ready to head to get my anemia shot at Dr. Trivedi’s. I almost didn’t get it because I had forgotten to take some of my blood pressure meds but after a half hour my blood pressure went down and I got the shot. I am still scheduled for the 24th for my second treatment and time keeps creeping forward. I am planning to head to the 6:30 Mass at St. Mary’s. There were only a few people at mass but I had communion and I did feel good that I went. Wednesday was the meeting with Darbi, Laura and David and Danny Sisson agreed to let them use their road for an extended period, so it looks like the deal should go through and what a relief that would be. I did drive into town to pick up the meds I have run out of but Walmart didn’t have them in but they did give me a two day supply. Darbi gave me some very good chicken soup and that was kind of her. I drove home and made an odd dinner of Darbi’s chicken soup and I made up a plate of sliced potatoes that I microwaved for almost 20 minutes. They were okay. When I move I am going to learn how to cook simple healthy dishes. I watched some of the Boston / Washington game but Boston was much too good. I didn’t see much from the anemia shot yet but not sure how fast it’s supposed to work. Thursday I met Lonnie East at the gate and we drove to my gate and delivered the tractor. I drove it up to shed and then walked down, which wasn’t too much of a stress. I drove home and watered the greenhouse, then took a nap. I got up and made myself a cup of tea and did my knee exercises and started my biking but when I checked the weather after 5 is supposed to be awful. I freshened up and and then headed to Hethwood and signed my reservation for an apartment in Stroubles Run for 335. It is 1039 a month but it is right off the Huckleberry Trail and there is a handicapped spot right in front. It has a balcony in front and the surroundings seem nice. The big problem is that I won’t be able to get in until August 11. At least I am assured a place by mid-August, and by then my health situation should be much clearer with having finished 4 Cytoxan treatments and off the prednisone. I treated myself to a sandwich at Panera and after I post my blog I will probably head home to avoid the storm. My energy level felt better today.

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