Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A decent Monday but an awful Tuesday

Monday was an okay morning, although it was hard to get up.   I said a rosary and watched some of the Catholic TV but my energy level was very low.  Finally I got going a little and did my knee exercises and finished Rediscover Catholicism and I think it was a helpful book.  I decided to drop off my extra golf balls and figured I might as well play so I did and I didn’t play that poorly.  After that it was time to go to the Holy Spirit group and that was comforting.  Glenda gave me two books, a crucifix and a new CD.  I offered to pay for it but she said it was a gift.  I was very quiet, wanting to be more humble, but I learned some new names: Daniel and Victoria, Chuck, Kate.  My short term memory is very bad.  After the group let out at 9:30, I went for a ride at VT and didn’t get home till well after 10. 

Tuesday was okay and I pushed myself out of bed and took the tractor down and put on another bucket of stone.  I think the third bucket really helped.  I then took the lawn tractor out and cut the grass around the cabin and the house.  On the way back on the farm tractor, I stopped and racked the 357 a little and I am sure Laura and David could make it to the orchard now in their vehicle.  I then read some and napped a bit and did my knee exercises.  The new book was about the Holy Spirit and the charismatic aspect of the Catholic church (speaking in tongues and stuff) and it was something I knew almost nothing off.  I started to get real anxious and I took a 2.5 mg valium to calm myself I did pick up a prescription for generic zolof and I took one along with another 2.5 mg valium.  Kate emailed that it is up to the Provost to see if I can change my unpaid leave to a sick leave so that will cost me a lot of money if he decides I can’t.  After talking to Rosemary and emailing Kate I thought I had a real good shot but perhaps just one more stressful thing is going to happen.  If the Zolof doesn’t help I don’t know what I am going to do.     

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  1. Good read! My husband just had to take the tractor in to be repaired, but once it is finished, I can't wait to get on it and get some work done around here, too. It's been a long summer, and our tractor is going to be put to good use during the fall. I hope your knee issues get better soon.