Thursday, June 29, 2017

Moving along rather slowly

       Wednesday turned out to be a decent day with a hike down to the first stump and my knee exercises.   I packed a little more stuff up but I am still unsure of how many books I should take.   I probably am taking over 200 books and that may be excessive.  I ended up riding my bike along the river for a half hour after having a nice long chat with Devon Lee.  What a smart and interesting guy.  He certainly taught me a lot about context in African American literature.  After Dr. Trivedi approved it, I did start taking the stuff that David Hamilton brought me and I hope it helps with my lupus

      Thursday was a tough morning to get up.  I struggled and finally got out of bed about 8:30.   I did my knee exercises and then forced myself to go a hike to the big white pine.  I rested some more and then got ready to go see Jen.  I got some boxes from ABC store in Christiansburg and then got 5 more at Radford so I am making progress on boxes.   My meeting with Jen went well and I didn’t get too emotional.   She was very sharp on Luke Chapter 4 and she had more insight into how I have to be sensitive to small changes in my relationship to the Holy Spirit.   She also said a quite powerful prayer for me.        

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