Thursday, June 8, 2017

Another visit to Dr. Trivedi

Tuesday was a calmer day.  The weather was sunny and I did my knee exercises then took a hike down to the first stump and walked back without stopping.  I rested briefly and then practiced some of the songs I sing in the evening.  I am reading the Lamb’s Supper, which focuses on how going to mass is like being in heaven, an interesting thought.  I am trying to become as immersed in Catholic things as I can and I am listening to Christian radio songs and avoiding violent TV programs and not watching the news at this point.  I am also going to hold on my blog book since that the section about Tracy leaving is quite sad and I may try to focus on my spiritual things, which really is my main goal.  I met Jen Jordan at 3 and we went over Luke Chapter 1 and she explained a few things and we had a good discussion about her path to the Holy Spirit and how I am trying hard to find that path.   Then I went to Dr. Trivedi’s and the news was pretty good.  My hemoglobin is 7.5 but she says that the chemo is keeping it down so she is not too worried.  My protein in the urine is up (12.5)  but it was around 8 last time and she says that varies.  My creatine was 1.4, which is improving as was my Albumin, 3.0.  I have another chemo scheduled for the 21.  She wasn’t too worried about my bruised arms and she thought that cutting the calcium and eating prunes would help my constipation.  She did somewhat reluctantly lower my prednisone to 20 mg per day.  She had no problem with the Valium use.   She also said that my blood level is being kept down by the Cytoxan, so I shouldn’t expect a return to close to normal until I get off the Cytoxan.  Rob called and he was still upbeat.  I also got a shot to help with my blood level and that didn’t bother me at all.  Preston from All Pest came out to reshock the spring, and I should know the results Thursday.    
      Wednesday was a pretty good day as I was able to do my knee exercises, then drive down to the gate and walk up to the orchard.  My road repair seemed to be holding well and since Mike and Andy have not gotten back to me yet, I may just put a few loads of 357 down where the ruts are and that may solve the problem.  I also ran the lawn tractor for twenty minutes, cutting most of the orchard.  I also did some trimming around the orchard so that is in okay shape.  I later drove into town to play golf (and I am getting better and better playing regularly and now I was hitting from the 150 mark and on 15 I hit from the red tees, 334 yards. Golf is one of the things that almost completely distracts me from all the stresses around me and I do get some real exercise so I will continue playing even if I have to play at a much lower lever.  Also, the Meadows is going up for sale in August and if I don’t use my remaining 7 rounds (14 nine hole rounds, I will lose them).  I went to my office and e-mailed Jen and Glenda, thanking them for their help with my spiritual path.  I will continue to go to the Saturday Mass at 5 and to Holy Spirit on Monday.  I drove home and did my porch prayers but I did them very half heartedly.  After that I tried some piano but I just was too tired and I ended up watching Cleveland lose a game they should have won to the Warriors (now it is a 3-0 Warrior lead), but I almost fell asleep watching a very good game.  I went to sleep to around 12 having absolutely no energy, perhaps from the shot. 

       Thursday morning was tough.  I just could not get out of bed.  I hope that the effects will go away soon.  Finally I got up around 11 and was able to wash the dishes, do my knee exercises, and even go outside to trim back the trees I cut.  Now I can easily cut the grass around the house and I think I am safe from any squirrels getting on the roof.  I practiced a little piano and then I showered and headed to the Toyota dealer to get two new tires on my truck, which will give me four almost new tires and that will help me avoid any flats out in the hollow.   

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