Saturday, June 10, 2017

Worst Day of My Life: Are More to Come?

      Yesterday was the worst day of my life, certainly in terms of finances.  I was expected to close on this coming Tuesday and walk away  with 195K, enough to pay off the equity line and have a good chunk of money to pay off Tracy without digging too deeply into my AXA money (92K right now).   Instead, the railroad wouldn't approve my right of way (which is in the original survey and is my only legal access and Tracy and I wrote to them numerous times that we weren't giving up the right of way) so the couple who were buying the property are backing out.  After Tuesday I will approach the Sissons to see if they are interested in buying and how much they would offer.  But they are going to put their farm on the market next year and I have no idea right now if they have any interest in my property.  I talked to a lawyer, Jim Shortt (who did my conservation easement), yesterday and he said that if I may have sue the railroad (if the Sissons don't want to buy my property) but the suit would have to include the Sissons since the easement goes across their farm.  That could mean a long and costly legal battle and even if I won (Jim thinks I will since the courts don't want any landlocked owners), I would still have to put the property on the market again.   The uncertainty made me so anxious last night that I had to take a lot of sleeping meds just to get to sleep.

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