Saturday, July 11, 2015

back home and into the swing of things

Today, Saturday, was productive. I got up at 6:30 and cleared around the house all the saplings that were brushing the house and all the Virginia creeper that was growing up the side. After that I took a walk to the orchard (going back down twice more}. I practiced my piano—and I am getting better—did my leg raises, weights and yoga, then cleared around the house with the trimmer. I had a wasp nest in the door that I had to spray but I didn’t get stung. Friday was also a good day with a morning hike (st. johnswort, heal all, fleabane, Deptford pink, still some oxeye daisies). I ate some of the last wineberries and some black berries, and sliced up an apple and ate half of that. The grass is cut and the road is in pretty good shape. I did my leg raises, weights and yoga and then I practiced piano before heading in to play golf and ride my bike twice, once on the river trail and then on campus.

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