Tuesday, July 21, 2015

good visit to help Kelly move

My trip to Kelly’s was very productive, and though Alfredo and I had a little disagreement, we worked it out and worked together to take apart the long and ugly storage piece that bothered Kelly a great deal. I made several trips over with Alfredo and one by myself and we got a bunch of stuff over to the new place. Lucia seems to really enjoy the playground right in the back, particularly swinging higher and higher on the swing. I think with a little landscaping change, the front will look nicer and the new carpets and the wood flooring should make it much more appealing. I rode my bike each morning for almost an hour, then did my yoga and sleeping in the guest room with no dander was quite pleasant and though it was warm inside, it was bearable with the fan in the room. I had a good chat with Kelly and that was nice. On my way back on Monday, I played golf at Sleepy Hollow in Charlestown, watched an hour and a half of the exciting British Open, rode my bike at Roanoke College, then went riding for a half hour at VT before going to the movies to see the new Terminator movie. Awful beginning but much better once it got going. Today I got my book order in and rode my bike at RU for almost an hour. I took a hike this morning (heal all, oxeye, wood nettle, white avens finishing, common St. John’s wort, wineberries almost gone, thin leaved cone, enchanter’s nightshade) and did my leg raises, weights and yoga.

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