Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the end of another western trip

I am back home, having gotten home in 4 and ½ days. The trip home was pretty uneventful with some bike riding, some golf, and not much else. The kayak trip on Saturday was a blast and the water seemed at points to be 3 plus, comparable to Nantahala falls. I almost flipped a couple of times and I was definitely lucky not to. The pictures are outstanding and I am attaching a few of them. We did two sections, the first a lot of non stop class 3, and the second, the Bridges (the rock at Killer Bridge was underwater) and I don’t think I ever paddled as hard. I should really buy a lighter paddle; that would give me a quicker stroke which would be very helpful. After a night of simple incredible rain at the KOA near Ashland, I was going to head right home, but I stopped at Castle Rock to play nine holes (48) and I needed some good holes at the end to do that. The rain threatened but I got all nine in and then I stopped to ride my bike for 40 minutes at tech, the rain cutting that ride slightly. Then it was home by 4:30 and unpacking the wet truck, doing a laundry, doing the leg weights and the arm weights and yoga, I heading into town for salad and coffee and I hope another bike ride.

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