Monday, July 27, 2015

the next two days provide a lot of interest

I ended up sleeping in a truck stop and it wasn’t too bad. I had to take a sleep aid pill because I was wide awake at 2, worried about the Kelly situation. I am still confused but it is clearer that my role can only be as supportive as I can be regardless of how frustrated I feel. I was so generous to her, hoping that she would buy the house she really wanted and instead she is not happy at all and my generosity seems wasted. I drove until I got to Binghamton and stopped to bike at Broome Community College for 40 minutes then it was time for a nap. 81 got close to Lake Ontario near the town of Pulaski and I headed for the lake. I found a boat landing that had a very nice wooded road leading to it and there was also a little bike path to see the lake, unfortunately shrouded in fog. I rode for 50 minutes and then drove on to eventually play golf at a fine course near Watertown. I shot very well, playing 14 holes, with my short irons way up in the air. I putted very well also. After golf I drove to the Canadian border and decided to head toward Montreal on 419 but then I saw a sign for 1000 islands National Park and that convinced me that it was worth rethinking my plan. I stopped at the visitor center and knew I needed another nap before I decided on a plan. When I awoke, I drove to a state beach and the woman told me that there was a KOA near Rockport and restaurants nearby. That decided it. I headed for the KOA, registered, took a swim, did my weights and yoga and then headed off to explore Rockport. It was cute and after exploring some more, I came back to the have a very decent dinner at Cornwall’s pub. Haven’t heard from Kelly and I am not sure when I will call her. I don’t want to upset her any further but my lack of calling may be seen as not being there for her, which I don’t want her to think. I got up pretty early and began my drive to Montreal. I stopped to pick up supplies at a Canadian Tire and then keep going into town. Traffic was very heavy but I was pretty fresh so I got through with little problem and ended up doing it without the GPS. The directions I got at the visitor's center outside of town were very helpful and I ended up at the dock in the old port where I parked. The bike trail was right there so I rode along it for probably 4 miles mainly along the lovely canal (where power boats were riding and kayakers were paddling), finally stopping at the very large Atwater market, and there purchasing a fine lunch of an interesting swiss like cheese, some wonderful olives and a roll from a boulangerie. I rode back to the Quai, then rode on into the old city and then headed back after a brief visit. I headed off and stopped outside of town for a nap then rode on, stopping again to do my weights and yoga. I decided to drive straight into Quebec City and again I didn’t rely on the GPS but the map the visitor’s center gave me. I wanted to ride down by Place Royale but the time and the traffic caused me to turn around, park, and ride for 3o minutes at a local park. After that I rode my bike down to the Cosmos Café, where I had an excellent Caesar Salad and then Halibut with mixed vegetables with ginger. It was excellent. I rode back to my truck and after getting lost briefly, I got to the KOA just before a storm threatened. There I took a very needed shower and shaved (also very needed) and then headed for a Tim Horton’s a few minutes away.

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