Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ten hours of sleep and almost no dizziness

I slept till almost 10 after going to bed around midnight. I felt much better with a very slight sense of dizziness. I did a hike, opened up the kayak to dry completely, did a wash, cleaned the dishes, did leg raises, weights and yoga. I went and did some pruning on the pasture road and got a nap before I headed out to go drop off the Miyazaki tapes at VT for Gyorgyi. After that I picked up my bike but as soon as I got to the CRC, the bike sounded awful so I had to head back and fortunately, they were able to fix the problems with an adjustment to the main sprocket and a new chain. It ended up costing me over $300 but I now have a good backup bike and a fully repaired original bike. Then it was off to meet Rob for a very good walk (I will see him tomorrow for my fatigue and dizziness) and then off to VT for the rest of my first bike ride, cut short by a big storm. I called Kelly and I hope she is well and I talked to Claire Gallo who is not feeling so well and wanted to not hike on Thursday, which is fine with me. Dinner and video games and/or bowling will be fine. I should have dinner with Cathy tomorrow and that will be fun.

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