Friday, July 24, 2015

tomorrow I leave and all is almost ready

A busy day that went quite well. I loaded the kayak and all the gear, checked the battery water, drove the tractor down to the gate and back evening out the road along the way. I also dug out three bucket loads by the spring and dropped them on the road to build up more of the edge. I took a nap and then went for a hike to the orchard, then back for leg raises, weights and yoga. Now it was off to lunch at Nagoya’s with Claire after dropping off my cooler full of refrigerated goods and picking up my inflatable mattress. I then went and played a comfortable round of golf, playing about 12 holes, then it was off to Blacksburg for a 30 minute bike ride before meeting Gyorgyi for dinner at Greens. I did my lumosity training at the Starbucks in University Mall and I plan to do a second bike ride later. Not sure if my plans to see Jenny are going to work out but I am going to try to meet her and her family.

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