Friday, March 3, 2017

cheesecake and gift checks

I can’t say Thursday night was an easy night to sleep but it was a good night thinking about Maddie getting a full ride to Wake Forest. I ended up doing my piano work, knee exercises, weights and yoga, biking for 30 minutes, watering the greenhouse and napping a lot. I ended up leaving around 3 and met Claire at Greens and had a nice late lunch. Everything is going well for her and after lunch we went over to the Frosty Parrot to have some really good yogurt (I had sea salt, caramel and pretzel and it was delicious. Then I drove to Barnes and Noble, picked up a slice of double chocolate cheesecake for Maddie, stopped at my office for more checks and then dropped off the cheesecake and gift checks for Maddie and Claire. Back to my office for a nice nap, then I printed out the AXA disbursement form, filled it out and left it for Holly to fax. I didn’t hear about my numbers but I will probably check on Monday. I did my lumosity training and my blog and I am about to head off for dinner.

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