Tuesday, March 7, 2017

tired but productive

Tuesday was not a bad day but I was pretty tired through most of it although a got a reasonable amount done. I got a full piano workout in, did my knee exercises, did my weights and yoga, thirty minutes of biking, dish washing, finished the vacuuming, and straightened out a few things in the house. I decided to do a termite treatment and I did a very solid one. I also watered the greenhouse and the lettuce at least is coming up. I cut the shoots from all the trees around the house and fertilized the holly bushes in the front. The first four are still doing okay but the two to the far right should come out. They are barely alive and look pretty dead. I don’t have the energy right now to cut them out and dig out some of the roots so I will probably leave them alone. I also coiled up and put away the 100 foot extension cord above the furnace. I don’t have to do bloodwork on Thursday so that is a nice break. Hannah emailed me and I told I would be glad to meet with her to work on close readings and her Gatsby paper but I haven’t heard back.

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